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Advanced 3D Scanning 

High Accuracy Portable 3D Scanning and Measurement

Advances in 3D scanning technology have rapidly opened up a world of opportunities and improvements in the fields of Quality Control, Reverse Engineering and Surface inspections. 

Re-Generate use a Kreon Ace 7-axis Scanning Arm and Skyline Scanner with a 2.5 m3 measuring volume.

 The scanner utilises a blue laser making the technology suitable for both shiny and dark materials.
Suitable for both contact and non-contact measurement the measurement arm has a single point

repeatable accuracy of just 0.027 mm for probing and 0.053 mm for scanning.

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Services and Applications

Portable CMM, 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Solutions

Kreon 3D Scanner - Portable CMM

Portable CMM

Parts Inspection and Quality Control. 


For fast and accurate quality control using contact (probing) or non-contact (scanning) measurements. perfect for rapid for 1st article inspection, production compliance, component inspections and General Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).  High Accuracy Probing (27 micron repeatability) and Scanning (53 micron) as per ASME B89 4.22

Scan to CAD - 3D Scanning and Measurement

Scan to CAD

Digitally Recreate Any Real-World Object


3D laser scanning is a modern tool which can take any physical object and replicate it digitally as a computer model.  We use a high accuracy and high resolution (200,000 points per second) 3D scanner to capture point clouds which are subsequently post-processed and transformed into a 3D CAD model compatible with a wide range of CAD packages. Outputs can also be a range neutral file format including; DXF, DWG, Parasolid, IGES and STEP.    

Reverse-Engineering 3D Scanng

Reverse Engineering

Recreate and Manufacture Your Own Parts


3D laser scanning and software are modern tools which can take any physical object and replicate it digitally as a computer model with sufficient accuracy to enable manufacture of expensive, hard to get or obsolete parts.

3D Scan - measure material loss  on a francis runner - Finite Element Analysis

Wear analysis and Surface Inspections

Accurately Quantify Wear and Surface Damage


Traditionally more of an art than a science, we now have the tool sets to accurately record and quantify wear over time of mechanical components such as impellors and turbine runners.  We can use intuitive colour maps as visual representation of wear from erosion, cavitation, surface impacts etc. 

Having an accurate understanding of material loss or deformation is also a critical factor in accurately informing Finite Element Analysis and 'End of Life' studies.


Slideshow including example projects

Kreon Scanner
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3D Scanning Pricing

Hourly Rates

Kreon Scanner (inc. Technician): $250.00 per hour

Post-Processing (CAD): $150.00 per hour

Please note that we have a Minimum Charge of $500 + GST.

Most small scanning jobs will cost between $500 and $1,500 dependant on complexity of items and CAD requirements

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