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Precision Alignment & Laser Survey Services

Re-Generate utilise a highly accurate Laser Tracker to perform precision measurement and alignment.  The tracker is ideal for measuring and aligning small, medium and large items and is extremely portable.  

  • Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 

  • Portable Laser Tracker system for precision measurement

  • Accuracy of 15 µm over 1st metre + 6 µm/m 

  • Measuring radius of 160m ( 320m Ø)


Re-Generate own the highly accurate Leica AT403 which allows rapid and precise metrology over large distances and is the perfect tool to achieve precision alignment.  This is a particularly useful methodology to use on large rotating machinery where axial line of site is not possible.  

Outside of alignment duties, the Laser Tracker is also ideal for a range of applications such as;

  • Installation of new machinery and tooling

  • Inspection of parts, particularly those too large or cumbersome to take to a traditional CMM

  • Inspections and measurement of circularity and concentricity in motors and generators

  • Laser Surveys - Precision surveying of existing equipment and infrastructure of unknown dimensions or accuracy

Leica AT403 Absolute Tracker

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